Jalango kicked out of the stadium by the Union

Jalango kicked out of the stadium by the Union

Jalango kicked out of the stadium by the Union

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Drama at the Kenya Hockey Union continued over the weekend as Multimedia coach George Jalango was literally thrown out of the Union premises for what was termed as gross misconduct including being at the forefront in taking the Union to court a few weeks ago.

The outspoken former player is said to have been served with a suspension letter prohibiting him from sitting in the technical bench on disciplinary grounds on Saturday evening.

 The letter was signed by newly elected chairman Nashon Randiek indicating that Jalango has been suspended for taking the Union to court prior to the July 28th national elections.According to the officials this was against the body’s constitution alleging that Jalango’s act was clear insubordination.

The Multimedia coach who never heeded to the union’s suspension had to be frog marched on Sunday before the match between his club and Thika Rovers could kick off.

 The match was delayed for over two hours before eventually kicking off after the coach had been forced out of his club’s technical bench.

Jalango admitted to have received the letter but he noted that the suspension is orthodox and baseless  which is ill intended.

KHU vice chair Ellyna Shiveka despite refusing to comment on the matter said the union has rules that govern the sport which must be adhered to, “The chairman will give you more insight on the Jalango saga, all I can say is that coaches must be very careful on the kind of utterances they make. Some are destined to destroy and not build.” said the vice chair.

 She further said that the union is on the forefront of accrediting coaches, that will therefore mean that those without clear passes will not be allowed at the league club’s technical bench.

 “we have to bring order into the sport, there have been cases in the past where we have people masquerading as coaches with ill motives. As we strive to put the sport back on the world stage, the coaches too must be willing and ready to do their part.” she said.

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