Greensharks labelled as the 'Stoke City' of Kenyan hockey

Greensharks labelled as the 'Stoke City' of Kenyan hockey

Greensharks labelled as the 'Stoke City' of Kenyan hockey

Greensharks Hockey Club

Greensharks hockey captain Tony Nyikuri has defended his team’s style of play which has been described as atrocious and anti hockey following their 3-3 draw with champions Nairobi Simba. The team has since been labeled as the most physical team in the league, some likening it to English Premier League football side Stoke City.

 “Personally, I really dislike the way Sharks play hockey . It is ridiculously boring to watch, however they do get results. They can’t seem to win very often, but they sure can force a draw. To me, their players are the most technically ungifted in the league.” noted a Simba player.

“All they do when they get the ball, is counter attack or just bomb long balls forward hoping that somehow the ball will end up in the back of the net. Other than that they are happy to sit back and defend, and while it does get results I think this way of playing is an injustice to the most beautiful game in the world.” Another Simba player commented.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Sharks skipper Nyikuri has come out to defend his teammates saying they play nice passing hockey and therefore can’t comprehend why teams classify them as physical.

“We have a completely different way of playing. Now it's a better passing team and the way we play is more exciting, we don't just depend on one or two individuals. We've played quite attacking, free-flowing hockey and produce good performance. I don’t comprehend why teams fear us.” Said the confident captain.

“We don’t actually regret the way we play. I believe we play nice flowing hockey. The only regret we have is missing on maximum points on Saturday.” he concluded.

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