Former Gladiator taking new challenge at Sharks

Former Gladiator taking new challenge at Sharks

Former Gladiator taking new challenge at Sharks

Linus Sang

Green Sharks climbed to a joint third place in the Kenya Hockey Union men’s Premier League table after a 3-0 win over former champions Strathmore University (Gladiator)at the City Park Stadium earlier this month.The win was special especially for one Linus Sang a former Gladiator now building his career at the premier league side Sharks. That was the first time Sharks enjoyed victory against against the students and the keeper could not hide his joy.

Sang regarded among the best keepers in the league played for the students for four years since 2009 to 2012 then moved to Green Sharks. He was among the latest lot of players to part ways with the 2009 and 2010 league champions.

“I wanted to play with most experienced players in my new team. I saw there was no reason to play in Strathmore since I wanted to give room to the young generation with the likes of Lewis Mawira (Strathmore goalkeeper) the chance to explore and develop their game.” Explains the custodian.

“So cool” is how he describes his new  team currently ranked third in the log. " I like it because I learn new things everyday when in Strathmore we had the pleasure of being transported to and fro the match venues but in my new club you have to sort yousrelf which is a quite challenging.” He discloses.

“I have to plan myself on the time I should be in training, the worst part is having to travel all the way from Riara just behind Nakumatt Junction to Barclays Sports club where we usually do our training on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 pm till 10 pm of which I find that dangerous for guys going far.” He added.

"We don’t train as often in Sharks as I used to do at my former club. It’s not easy playing the premier league with just fitness training but I don't have an option unlike my former club Strathmore where I used to train almost every day.” He offers.

His biggest desire is to help Sharks become premier league contenders.

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