Chairman Bains out of KHU Elections

Chairman Bains out of KHU Elections

Chairman Bains out of KHU Elections

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After leading the Kenya Hockey Union for the last eight years, chairman Resham Singh Bains will not be seeking re-election in the in Sunday’s national elections at the Simba Union club.

Bains who has 67 international caps in his days played for Railway Gymkhana Nairobi and for Sikh Union Nairobi. He played in the First Hockey World Cup in Barcelona in 1971 where Kenya finished fourth. He is on the Executive Board of African Hockey Federation and also a committee member in the FIH Umpiring committee. He umpired at the 6th Hockey World Cup in Willesden in 1986.

He previously serviced as Vice Chairperson before ascending to the top in 2004 and retaining his seat in 2008, “I will not be seeking re-election.” Confirmed Bains

“It will be an opportunity to let others come in and lead the sport to higher heights.” He said.

The outgoing chairman could not however disclose the reasons behind the decision though it is rumored that the new constitution barred him from going for a third time.

With Bains retiring word is that current vice chairman Nashon Randiek might be going for the top seat though he is yet to declare openly. Vice Chairlady Ellyna Shiveka had admitted she will be seeking re-election in her current post.

“I have no idea how many aspirants have shown interest in my position thus far. All I can say I won’t be vying for different seat.” She said.

Another new entrant so far is Nairobi Hockey Association (NHA), Secretary General, Tom Olal who will try to  try to overthrow incumbent KHU secretary General, Vivian Agunda.



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