Sammy Sholei hits back at Sam Nyamweya

Sammy Sholei hits back at Sam Nyamweya

Sammy Sholei hits back at Sam Nyamweya

Aspiring FKL chairman Sammy Sholei has called on former KFF official Sam Nyamweya to respect other players and contenders in the industry and let Kenyans decide on who is their preferred choice when it comes to the issue of management of soccer and the forthcoming elections.

Sholei was referring to earlier remarks made by Nyamweya who termed the upcoming fresh candidates seeking FKL office as mere HOT AIR with nothing credible to offer.

The former Tusker fc and Harambee Stars player-Sholei- has further recollected memories of the frustrations he was put through together with other team mates at the hands and management of the same Nyamweya while playing for Harambee Stars in his days.

In different incidences during Nyamweya’s tenure, Sholei and other Harambee Stars players were forced to sleep on the floor of a restaurant in South Africa enroute to Lesotho for an international match after Nyamweya and other officials failed to pay hotel bills. They also in many occasions slept at different airports including in Ivory Coast enroute to Guinea after the officials under Nyamweya again failed to get connecting flights to their respective destinations to honor fixtures not to mention their unpaid allowances accrued.The team ended up loosing the match in Conakry 3-1 under the tactical and magical hands of the late Reinhard Fabisch (God rest his soul in peace) due to the unfavorable conditions they were subjected to enroute to Conakry.

In a follow up to awaken the sleeping ghosts, Sholei and other ex internationals have threatened to sue Mr.Nyamweya’s KFF office then, for deliberately failing to honor the players allowances backdated to since 1989.

“Sincerely speaking Nyamweya is not even embarrassed or even ashamed of killing Kenyan Football for personal gains and now he is fronting himself again for FKL chairmanship. If you ask me, the debacle of Kenyan football started when Mr.Nyamweya decided to be a rebel against the FIFA recognized KFF forcing them to change their names to FKL.I have a lot of respect for Mr.Nyamweya even after he molested us as players when he was official of KFF then.

However, I Would like to ask my former Secretary to stop using some disturbing terms against his rivals and not to call anyone HOT AIR as he has done recently, this game is played by all. Infact the HOT air he is referring to are still young and have serious tactics and plans for the resurgence of soccer in this country.” Said Sholei while speaking to

He went ahead to say that Kenya Football Federation KFF and any other soccer governing institution is a Kenyan property and should not be personalized by anyone. He reiterated his commitment to preaching good governance with an embrace of real change for the benefit of all Kenyans while at the same time he criticized Nyamweya for preaching greed and selfishness.

Sammy Tiyoi Sholei is among those who have officially announced their intentions to vie for the post of FKL national chairmanship in the oncoming April elections with a great hope of transforming the management of soccer that has currently been left for the dead.

Sholei is among the few successful former soccer icons who have established themselves strategically in business as he runs his own IT firm in Nairobi  called E-World Communications- to which he is the Managing Director.

Another HOT AIR as refered by Nyamweya Hussein Mohammed of Extreme sports is also going for the same Chairman’s post to fight with the old guards including the current FKL chairman Mohammed Hatimmy and Sam Nyamweya.

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