Ministry of Sports to renovate Kisumu's Moi stadium

Ministry of Sports to renovate Kisumu's Moi stadium

Ministry of Sports to renovate Kisumu's Moi stadium

The Commissioner of sports Gordon Oluoch on Friday morning toured Kisumu’s Moi stadium alongside other government officials that included the Nyanza Provincial director of Sports {PDS} Mr. Zachary Okora, Public Works official Samuel Odongo and Municipal Council Engineer {planning department} Adrian Ouma.

The commissioner announced during the tour that the ministry of Sports is working towards renovating the run down property by putting up a perimeter wall around the stadium. This comes just days after FIFA representatives announced they are ready to partner with the local Football Federation FKF and the Kenyan government to renovate the Moi stadium and build a multi Million Goal project at the facility.

We are looking at upgrading the track to 400M.The most common games like athletics, track and field, road running, cross country, race walking among others have been a common thing here in Nyanza where there is abundance of talent. We need to ensure we give the athletes a comfortable environment where they can nurture their talents.” Said Oluoch.

Among the other important sections to be refurbished include setting up a new pavilion, floodlights, additional shades and new washrooms.

The officials welcomed the announcement by FIFA that they will be partnering with the local Federation to set up a goal project in Kisumu with the Sports Commissioner urging Kisumu residents to remain vigilante not to allow any land grabbing that will take away public land ear marked for the expansion of the stadium.

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