Nairobi Water handball team dismiss Lesbianism claims

Nairobi Water handball team dismiss Lesbianism claims

Nairobi Water handball team dismiss Lesbianism claims

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The Nairobi Water ladies’ Handball team management has come out to strongly discredit reports that claimed the club has been disbanded. Team manager Mary Muthau while speaking on behalf of the team’s management says the team is still intact and is currently preparing to win the forthcoming local KHF league (Kenya Handball Federation) as well as represent Kenya at the forthcoming African Club championships in Morocco in October.

The team resumed training at the Nyayo national stadium on Tuesday after majority of the players who are employees of the company took part in the Water Games held in Nakuru last week.

Reports have linked the team players to lesbianism that has been alleged to be a popular thing within the club, something that was alleged to have led to the disbandment of the team by the club management.However, the claims have been rubbished by the team manager who says the club management cannot disband a team based on reports of sexual orientation.

“We have been reading disturbing reports about our team having been disbanded. I want to put this clear, our team is still intact and fans and the public can treat the reports as baseless rumors engineered by some of our rivals who are out to destabilize our team.” Muthau said.

“We have recruited well and we know this season we are going for nothing but the top title. The girls have started training and whoever thinks otherwise should know we will not be moved.” Muthau added.

“The company operates on rules that respect employees’ private lives. As far as we are concerned, life outside work is a choice of an individual and we cannot disband a team or take disciplinary action against the players or team simply because some of them have a different sexual orientation.” Muthau added.

Muthau who also serves in position of Human Resource Manager at the company (Nairobi North) added that the club management has hints of whoever is behind the negative publicity and action will be taken against them.

“We have forwarded the case to our legal department.” Muthau added.

“When someone wakes up and decides to spread malicious rumors about the team, they should know companies operate on rules that respect the rights of freedom as far as personal lives are concerned. They only hold a different agenda of destabilizing us. For us we will remain committed to our course of winning the league and working hard to represent Kenya at the club championships as well as support the growth of handball in Kenya.

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