KHF League play offs to kick off over the weekend

KHF League play offs to kick off over the weekend

KHF League play offs to kick off over the weekend

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The Kenya Handball Federation League play offs will start this weekend with 12 matches lined up, of which six matches played on each day (Sat & Sun). There are two pools (Pool A and B) in each category with the men’s category having 8 teams while the women’s category will have 6 teams.

In the men’s category Defending Champions National Cereals and Produce Board will be in Pool A alongside Strathmore University, Kenyatta University and Multi Media University while in Pool B there will be last season’s runners up Black Mamba, Technical University of Kenya (Kenya Poly), Mt. Kenya University and the National Youth Service.

The ladies category will see Cereal’s ladies team placed in Pool A alongside St. John’s and NYS while Pool B will consist of Jack Ocheing’s Nairobi Water, Kenyatta University and Mt. Kenya University. Speaking to Charles “Jaji” Omondi stated that everything ready  for the matches, “the matches will kick off at 9 am this coming Saturday and will run for the next two weekends after which the semi finals and the finals take place between the 25th and 26th so far everything is in place.”

Below are the scheduled matches taking place this weekend :


1)            CEREALS           Vs           STRATHMORE      (M)

2)            KENYA POLY       Vs           BLACK MAMBA     (M)

3)            K.U.                        Vs           MULTI MEDIA       (M)

4)            MT. KENYA           Vs           N.Y.S                        (M)

5)            CEREALS            Vs           ST. JOHN’S            (W)

6)            NBI WATER         Vs           KENYATTA UNI.      (W)       


SUNDAY – 12TH MAY 2013

1)            K.U                         Vs          CEREALS              (M)

2)            MT. KENYA            Vs          BLACK MAMBA      (M)                       

3)            MULTIMEDIA         Vs          STRATHMORE       (M)                       

4)            NYS                        Vs          BLACK MAMBA       (M)                       

5)            NYS                        Vs          ST. JOHN’S             (W)       

6)            MT. KENYA            Vs         KENYATTA UNI.        (W)       



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