Kenya Defence Forces to set up separate Handball League

Kenya Defence Forces to set up separate Handball League

Kenya Defence Forces to set up separate Handball League

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The Kenya Defense Force Handball Association will be setting up a separate handball league away from the Kenya Handball Federation League. The league will comprise of an estimated 10 teams from the Defence forces but at the same time will be open to the civilian teams.

Speaking to, Sammy Mwangangi the Secretary of the league which is set to begin from August of 2012 to the March 2013 said that the league was meant to improve the standards of the game not only for the Forces teams but also the other interested parties,

“The main objective of the league is to uplift the standards of handball in Kenya for us (Defence) and also the civilian teams that are willing to join us.”

The league will have a home and away playing format  but considering  this has been a burning issue with many handball teams in the country, Mwangangi says their league will be more flexible,

“Many teams face financial hardships and to most teams, the home and away format of playing is a bit straining to their financial ability. What we shall do is that teams are allowed to select their preferred home grounds even if it means sharing with other teams.”

He further added that there will be situations that teams may not be able to travel and if such cases arise then the Defence teams will be willing to travel to those places, “We have the privilege of being sponsored so if we are able to travel to these teams' places then we shall be happy to do so because our target is to develop the sport and not to kill the same through walkovers.”

The league will be a great advantage to the Defence Forces side since they will be able to scout players from the civilian sides as well,

“Apart from just running the league we shall be able to recruit new players for our teams. As we believe we shall be providing great opportunities for young people of this country through handball.” Mwangangi concluded.

There will be an open tournament dubbed the KENYA DEFENCE FORCE CHAIRMAN'S OPEN CUP that will take place from the 20th of July to the 22nd of July as a pre-tournament before the league kicks off.

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