Rongai Fitness Center

Also known as The Power House, Rongai Fitness Center trains both upcoming and professional athletes in different areas and disciplines, including weightlifting, Martial Arts and Aerobics. The training focuses on how to build the body to achieve the fitness, health and wellness require of an accomplished athlete, Defense especially with the Martial Arts Class as well as how to train alone.

The Power House has highly qualified professional trainers dedicated to walk with a client side by side to ensure they achieve their personal fitness goals and get a service worth the value of their money.

Other services offered at the power house include aerobics for ladies, boxing, Zumba and Karate with all equipment needed to build the body.

No Pain, No Gain!


Opening Hours

Weekday Opening : 6:00 AM

Weekday Closing : 9:00 PM

Sat Opening : 8:00 AM

Sat Closing : 9:00 PM

Sun Opening : 12:00 AM

Sun Closing : 12:00 AM


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