Colosseum Fitness Center

High quality, transformative training and customer satisfaction are the tenets that understate the Colosseum Gym. It is actually, more than just a gym; it is a dedicated space to transform your body goals into a tangible reality. Under the leadership of Coach Andre, who has over 40 years of experience in the industry, and other accomplished coaches, Colosseum Fitness Center is available to streamline ypur health fitness lifestyle to an non-regrettable height.
There are continuous Classes at Colosseum including Muay Thai involving all expressions of Martial Arts, Personal Training, Gym, Self Defense and Boxing
Rates for Private Classes: Muay Thai, Boxing + personal training
Kshs. 2500 per session (1 hour)
Kshs. 15000 (8 sessions per month)
Kshs. 20000 (12 sessions per month)
Gym Membership
Kshs 500 per session
Kshs 4000 (12 sessions per month)
Kshs 5000 monthly membership
Kshs 13000 (3 months membership)
Kshs 25000 (6 months Membership)
Kshs 50000 (Annual Membership)
Self Defense Private Classes (1 hour): Kshs 4500 (12 Sessions per month)


Opening Hours

Weekday Opening : 6:00 AM

Weekday Closing : 9:00 PM

Sat Opening : 8:00 AM

Sat Closing : 7:00 PM

Sun Opening : 10:00 AM

Sun Closing : 6:00 PM


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