The aim of BussFit has always been to treat its clients to a fresh encounter in a fresh environment out in the bush. The clients get together for the weekend and go out to a striking location out there in the bush, to work out and get fit. BushFit has many and gorgeous locations in Kenya that draw inspiration. Maximum relaxation is usually the result when you combine the intriguing exotic environments with the professionally experienced fitness regimes.
There are two types of itineraries that you can get with BushFit, one that is tailor made for you, or one of the set departures. Both are aimed at offering you an exhilarating once in lifetime experience that will completely change your fitness and wellbeing trajectory. Everyone has something to be offered, whether one is a one-time fitness guy or a veteran in the gym.

Opening Hours

Weekday Opening : 8:00 AM

Weekday Closing : 9:00 PM

Sat Opening : 8:00 AM

Sat Closing : 7:00 PM

Sun Opening : 12:00 AM

Sun Closing : 12:00 AM

Website: Bushfit.wordpress.com

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