B-FIT offers an alternative solution to the conventional fitness regimes in order solve the lifestyle problem. Formed by Nirbhau Gulshan B-FIT Ltd offers innovative fitness solutions at the doorstep and the client’s desirable location. They are driven by their mission which is, to facilitate and promote the best fitness services by connecting people, ideas and resources, through the following core values;

  • Focus on customers
  • Team spirit
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability

Products and services

  • Aerobic insanity, Anaerobic exercises and Zumba
  • Plyometric push-up
  • Tae Bo
  • Core training,
  • Kick boxing
  • Endurance Training
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Fartlek running, self-defense and Taekwondo

Location and Contacts


Citadel building, 9th Floor,

Muthithi Road

757-00606 Westlands, Nairobi 

Opening Hours

Weekday Opening : 6:00 AM

Weekday Closing : 9:00 PM

Sat Opening : 6:00 AM

Sat Closing : 9:00 PM

Sun Opening : 6:00 AM

Sun Closing : 9:00 PM


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