Dasani Golf qualifying round heads to Kisumu

Dasani Golf qualifying round heads to Kisumu

Dasani Golf qualifying round heads to Kisumu

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The 2012 Dasani Golf Gala qualifying rounds heads to the nine hole Nyanza Golf Club with 100 players already  signed up to play in the one day event on Saturday 18 August 2012. Eight slots are up for grabs with the grand finale slated for Saturday 29 September 2012 at the Karen Country Club.

Nyanza Golf Club captain Hillary Osodo said the course is in perfect condition following some short rains in the recent past. He added that they are ready to host sister clubs - Mumias and Kakamega - who have continued to support all golfing events at our club.

"For the visitors, this is also the opportunity to explore what our city has to offer, the traditional delicacy - fish - on top of the list", he added.

 Dasani Golf Gala was started in 2010 with the intention of taking the game to a wider playing base, fusing accomplished players with those wishing to pick up the game.

This has played a major role in helping the aspirations of both sets of players, all driven by the strong desire to realize their potential and chart their own path

Dasani Golf Gala
14th qualifying round
Nyanza Golf Club, Kisumu
Sat 18 August 2012

Draw 8.00 J.Omollo, J.Atito. S.Kotecha, S.Nyamweya; 8.10 S.Onyango, W.Odera,D.Balaka, T.Staussi; 8.20 R.Langat, D.Katibi, R.Kwasu, B.S.Patel; 8.30 C.Kibet, P.Odima, J.Makombwa, R.Obara; 8.40 R.Keter, M.Otieno,W.Nyambogo, G.Oricho; 9.30 D.M.Patel, H.S.Sokhi, R.Mulemi, J.Oyaro; 9.40 B.M.Shah, D.Tanui, J.Mundia, O.Okusa; 9.50 J.C.Lee, A.Gichano, D.Mutoka,D.Sate; 10.00 K.Amalemba, S.Ambulwa, H.Wafula, J.Kalavor; 10.10 B.V.Patel, J.Ashioya, M.Ojiambo, S.Abonyo; 10.30 F.Pesce, S.Somaia,S.Opuka, G.Omollo; 10.50 S.Otieno, Jazz Sokhi, P.Owino, S.Owour; 11.00 P.Otieno, J.Staussi, A.Alachu, B.Dawa; 11.20 M.Bhayani, E.Siganga, J.Oduma, J.Anzabwa; 11.40 H.Osodo, F.Okaro, F.Baraza, J.Dunda; 12.00 Bee.Sokhi, S.Otiende, J.V.Juma, T.See; 12.10 Prof. Wangila, V.Omwandhu, B.Bisonga, R.Onyango; 12.20 N.M.Patel, G.Adongo, L.Nyambogo, L.Luchivya; 12.40 G.Obuon, Dr.P.Oketch, S.Deya, C.Omega; 12.50 J.Pabari, A.Mukuvi,M.Natecho, E.Ochuodho; 1.10 R.Kibuku, P.Thakrar, S.Bolo, J.Koome; 1.30 R.Karia, S.R.Patel, K.Akhokho, E.Owinyi; 1.40 N.Winja, J.Oketch, E.Karuga, I.Ondieki; 1.50 C.Kunal, Rispa.Anyango, J.Orioro, Dr.Oketch;2.00 R.Bhayani, A.Sultan, L.Busolo.

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