FKF Lifts suspensions of four officials

FKF Lifts suspensions of four officials

FKF Lifts suspensions of four officials

FKF Chair Sam Nyamweya

After the Football Kenya Federation Annual General meeting held yesterday, four officials who had been suspended by the FKF NEC have been reinstated back to their posts with immediate effect.  The suspensions of former FIFA referee GMT Otieno and the Mombasa FKF officials Asha Pili, Hamisi Mayoyo and Evans Mwachia have all been lifted after the unanimous decision by the AGM.

However, three other senior FKF officials who had also been suspended will have to wait longer for their verdict. Suspended Vice Chair Sammy Shollei, Nairobi Branch Chair Dr. Dan Shikanda and Nyanza NEC rep Tom Alila will have to be patient as their case hasn’t been solved yet.

 “They were remorseful and since we want to move forward as a family, members have agreed to pardon them and resume their duties. However, I have been mandated to go to Mombasa and make peace with warring parties. For now the matter is closed and the three can join us in building our football,” Nyamweya said concerning the four officials.

Concerning Sholei and SHikanda, Nyamweya said the duo gave conflicting statements adding that since they had a pending  case, it was only logical for the  duo  to withdraw  the case and go back to the federation to seek further direction.

“Sholei said he did not know it was wrong for him to go to court while Shikanda denied going to court but an affidavit had his signature on it. The AGM concluded that since the matter was already in court, they cannot be reinstated unless they withdraw the pending court case,” added Nyamweya.

Earlier, the two suspended officials said they were not accorded fair treatment with the arbitrator Professor Moni Wekesa failing to give them chance to defend themselves.

Concerning Alila, Nyamweya said he was unable to account for over Shs. 5 million and another Shs.300,000 meant to be handed to the family of the late Obando.

“He was remorseful but that was not enough since he has  to account that amount including  another amount meant for the Harambee Stars management Board(HSMB),” noted Nyamweya.

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