New FKF soccer Structure to be implemented next year

New FKF soccer Structure to be implemented next year

New FKF soccer Structure to be implemented next year

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Football Kenya Federation will be implementing a new league structure as from next year. This will be part of the Federation’s plan to change the face of football in Kenya to a more professional and acceptable format.

The premier league, run by the Kenyan Premier League Company and with FKF holding shares will remain to be the highest league in Kenya. There will be a National Super League (NSL) below the top tier league, consisting of 20 teams. Both the Premier League and the Super League will be fully professional with Football Kenya Federation taking elaborate steps to ensure full sponsorship.

The Division one league will be the third tier league in the country, consisting of two zones (East and West) of 20 teams each.

The Provincial league will be changed to Division II with 20 teams from across all the eight provinces. The County Champions League will be the next stage, with one league in all the 47 counties, with Nairobi having two leagues, making the total number of County Champions Leagues to stand at 48.

The Sub County League will be the lowest tier of soccer in the country.

Currently the Kenyan Premier League is the highest level of football competition in Kenya. From the KPL, the arrow moves down to the Division one league which is divided into two zones with two pools each. From here, the arrow moves to the Provincial leagues, then the county and district leagues.

There are currently 48 teams in division 1, 128 clubs in the provincial leagues, over 1000 in the county leagues and a further 6000 in the sub branch leagues. Only the 16 teams in the men’s Premier League are fully professional.

The vision is to establish a three layered structure, national, regional and the county system in line with the devolved government structure. The national leagues will have structures that are replicated within the county leagues structure, with oversight authority and control vested in the FKF under the leagues and competitions committee.

FKF President Sam Nyamweya says the Federation will work hard to ensure that all leagues are sponsored and support starts from the government.

“We want to align ourselves with the new county system of government and transform football in this country. We have many sponsors who are wishing to join and this will give each sponsor an avenue to sponsor any league which is within their scope. We also invite other sponsors who are willing to come on board,” says the President.

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