Obuya Cricket tourney targets to develop Youth talents

Obuya Cricket tourney targets to develop Youth talents

Obuya Cricket tourney targets to develop Youth talents

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Obuya XI showed class seeing off Oshwal and Nairobi Jaffrey’s Academy at the Obuya Junior Cricket Academy tournament that was staged in Nairobi.

Obuya overcame Oshwal with 67 runs against Oshwal’s 46 in the ten to ten over U11 category encounter. Hosts Jaffrey’s failed to stop their opponents who won the second match with  66 runs against Jaffrey’s’ 32.Oshwal proved to be too hot for Jaffrey’s to handle, scoring 80 runs  after their opponents earned 32 runs in the encounter.

“The aim of this tournament is to help nurture talent and introduce more children to cricket at an early age,” Josephat Agunga, one of the Obuya Junior Cricket Academy coaches said.

Milicon’s Limited and Elite Tools are sponsors of the tournament having availed kits and prizes to the participating teams in the tournament. The sponsors stated they came on board so that children could grow in cricket, having pledged their support to future junior tournaments at the venue.

Agunga said the tournament would be staged every Saturday of the week for the coming three weeks since the children are engaged with schools programmes on weekdays.

It involves the U11 and U13 categories, which are played on league format with top four teams in each category, proceeding to the semis.

The U-13 category is expected to commence their title hunt this weekend. So far the greatest hindrance is rain that saw the U13 category fail to kick off at the weekend.

A similar tournament will be held by Obuya Cricket Academy in August and for the first time the U18 category will be featured.

U11 teams: Obuya XI, Oshwal, Kawangware, Nairobi Jaffrey’s Academy, Obuya B and Huruma.

U13 teams :Samaj School, Oshwal, Sir Ali Muslim, Samaj B, Obuya XI and Huruma.The U13 category is expected.

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