Former cricket players opposed to elections

Former cricket players opposed to elections

Former cricket players opposed to elections

Former national cricket captain Tito Odumbe and player Tom Tikolo on Friday morning held a press conference in protest against Sunday 27th cricket Kenya election saying some issues have to be amended for the better of the sport.

They urged the government to intervene to rescue the game which they says is headed for the worst, since some people do not have the interests of the nation and cricket at large.

“We demand that the elections be stopped, the constitution has been flawed to the extend some individuals want to ride and secure positions, the illegularities are extreme, it’s only the government that can bring sanity,” said Odumbe

Tikolo said despite the incumbent chairman Samir Inamdar is not keen to retain his seat, some individuals want to hurry the elections yet no amendments have been made.

“Kenya crickets is on the alarming decline and unless something is done urgently, we will be forgotten in this sport. There is no way elections can be conducted from top  to down, it should be bottom up where by the delegates end up electing the chairman some of those procedures must be followed,” said Tikolo.

However word from the Cricket Kenya,CK  suggest elections will be held as scheduled this Sunday dismissing a new push to further delay the polls by some members of the Nairobi Province Cricket Association, NPCA.

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