Cricket Kenya seeking answers for disastrous performance

Cricket Kenya seeking answers for disastrous performance

Cricket Kenya seeking answers for disastrous performance

After the team’s poor performance in the 2011 world cup in India, Cricket Kenya has announced that it will conduct a comprehensive review into the events that led to the disastrous world cup campaign.

In a press release circulated, Cricket Kenya CEO. Tom Sears revealed the team will undergo a detailed review putting into consideration every aspect of the team’s preparation and performance in their 2011 world cup campaign which was not in any way close to impressive.

The team which jetted back in to the country without a single win in their world cup campaign after playing 6 matches will undergo the anticipated review which is bound to be conducted by the Cricket Kenya Board officials, CEO Tom Sears with assistance from the ICC.

The review team aims at getting comprehensive details as to why the team underperformed in the world cup by intensively interviewing the coach, captain, team manager as well as John Moyi the cricket board member who accompanied the team to India. Also in consideration is an in- depth interview with the members of the team management as well as the players in order to cautiously find out the exact predicament affecting the team.

“Clearly, our performance in the word cup has been completely unacceptable and a radical overhaul of the national team is necessary. The team suffered losses in all their 6 matches and despite their incredible performance against Australia, the displays we saw was still not enough,” expressed Sears.

Sears lamented that enormous amount of time and money was invested into the squad yet no returns were gained after an approximate amount of $700,000 was invested in the team’s activities in the last 12 months, an action which he agues as intolerable and totally unaccepted.

“We will look at every facet of our national team structure and make recommendations on all areas where we feel change is necessary. I anticipate this will be widespread across all areas of the game,” concluded Sears.

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