The Special One’s back at Stamford Bridge

The Special One’s back at Stamford Bridge

The Special One’s back at Stamford Bridge

Jose Mourinho

9 years after he joined Roman Abramovich’s bandwagon, Jose Mario dos Santos Mourinho Felix is ready for his second coming, having sealed the deal yesterday in London. The Portuguese gaffer’s sequel from his Special One series will be a welcome to the Premiership, what with the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, he that ruled the EPL since its inception.

Mourinho left Real Madrid acrimoniously in what he described as his worst career season. Already in his closet were the La Liga title (2012), the Copa Del Rey (2011) and the Spanish Super Cup (2012), not forgetting three consecutive Champions League semis appearances. Not a bad tally for a man who has won trophies in every club he’s coached – Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and the Los Blancos.

The 50-year old gaffer, who brought Chelsea their first league title since 1955, had made his tenure untenable in the Madrid capital. The dressing room was split, the star egos betraying him. The Los Blancos board felt embarrassed by his antics, the media condemned him. He wanted out, they wanted him out. He wanted to go to a club he was loved, the Blues adored him.

After all, he was the mastermind who broke the Man United shackles to introduce an era that has seen Chelsea also dominate domestically and on the continental front, from a twin-assault of the Premiership and the FA Cup to European domination culminating in winning the Champions League and Europa League in quick succession.

It’s surprising, however, that Roman has agreed to bring back the fiery manager. Mourinho wanted control akin to Fergie’s and Arsene Wenger’s. The Russian oligarch would hear none of it. Abramovich wanted Chelsea to play the Barcelona way, Jose was more focused on getting the trophies and making the Blues appear invincible in the eyes of their opponents.

Both men have to cede some part if their relationship is to have a romantic twist to it. And with the legendary Ferguson already departed, Chelsea will feel they now have the necessary ammunition to turn David Moyes and the Red Devils into whipped cream as they prepare to create a Blue dynasty. Well, they share the same ambition with Man City.

One thing is for sure, Mourinho’s personality and pride may seem confrontational, but the man delivers. This coming season will be very interesting.


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