The other side of Mario Baloteli

The other side of Mario Baloteli

The other side of Mario Baloteli

Former Manchester City player, Mario Balotelli was always on the spotlight when playing in England having been heavily documented in the media as being a wild character for his antics off the pitch.

However, his charitable side goes unheard off as people are quick to judge and criticize him. Balotelli was once quoted saying “I am not evil, my experiences in life have made me who I am. Before you criticize me in advance, you should try to find out more about me”.

He is said to go walking on the streets on occasion handing out free money to the homeless ranging from £20 - £1000 as well as setting some up to stay in a Hilton hotel over the Christmas period. He also supposedly helped a young boy who was being bullied in school.

What people don’t know is that Mario Balotelli gives 50% of his salary to poor children not only in Africa but also in Italy and Brazil. He supports the rehabilitation work of children of Casa del Sole Onlus, a nonprofit organization.

Mario has also supported the Cuey Machar Secondary school helping out to ensure  the completion of the school in Sudan. It was his idea to build the school to give the Sudanese children an alternative to weapons and fighting.

Mario also donates his earnings from sales of the children books written by Luigi Garlando to an organization which provides humanitarian aid in about 63 countries, for people whose survival is at risk due to violence, natural catastrophe, war, epidemics, malnutrition and lack of health care.

In Brazil, Mario supports the “Un Ponte per il Futuro” (A Bridge for the Future) project, which offers help to several local association committed to providing education for the children who live in one of the most notorious in Salvador de Bahia, where overcrowding, lack of services, poverty and violence put many children at permanent risk.

His charitable work is tremendous and he does so without making a fuss about it.

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