Tank calls for Magharibi investment

Tank calls for Magharibi investment

Tank calls for Magharibi investment

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Experienced Kenya Rugby coach Michael Tank Otieno has labelled the western region as the ‘granary of Kenyan sports’. Tank has urged stakeholders and the national government to invest more in setting up long lasting infrastructure in the region in order to tap and maximize the potential of Kenyan sports at the source.

“It is a region of high potential, western is the granary of Kenyan sports across all disciplines. Having been in the industry for a long time I can attest to the fact that this region has contributed immensely to the success stories of Kenya’s sports over the years.” He said.

“It is therefore important for stakeholders and the government to think of ways on how they can set up proper structures to tap the talent in the region especially from schools.” He said.

 At the same time, Tank appreciated the Magharibi Michezo Awards initiative that seeks to recognize and reward excellence in the region saying this will motivate the coaches and mentors in the region to work harder in future.

He particularly called on the importance of more coaches’ trainings and setting up of academies for all sports as this will improve the quality of players who come out from the region.

“If you identify the source, then it is good to work hard towards making the product better and of high quality. I think we need to put our money in Western region.” He concluded.

The Magharibi Michezo Awards (MMA) is the Western region's premier sports awards scheme targeting to identify, promote and reward sports excellence in a region that is known to be the greatest source of talent to the national grid in Kenya across all sports disciplines.

The MMAs also seek to recognize the efforts of those individuals who have in one way or another nurtured and/or mentored the region’s sports icons over the years.

The awards are designed to be all encompassing, rewarding competitors from all sporting disciplines right to the grass root level rather than focusing on the main professional sports

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