National Sports Council holds elections

National Sports Council holds elections

National Sports Council holds elections

National Sports Council members

The National Sports Council held it elections on Friday evening during its Annual General Elections where Nderitu Gikaria retained his seat as the Chairman of the Council. The members of the council will be in office for a 4 year term.

Gikaria will be deputized by Vanraj Survalya while Kenya Volleyball Federation (KVF) Vice Chairman Charles Nyaberi will serve as the council’s Treasurer. Shadrack Muluki and Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association Secretary General also retained their seats as Committee Members after Njeri Onyango and James Mweu withdrew their candidature.

Speaking after the elections which saw the members of the then incumbent office all retain their seats, Gikaria promised to work towards ensuring the needs of the existing federations are met by the government, “We’ll have to make sure that we’re honest with our federations and defend them with courage so that they are not at any time forgotten by the government,” said Gikaria who also serves as the Kenya Handball Federation Secretary General.

The Annual General Meeting saw the Kenya Rugby Union and Football Kenya Federation fail to take part in the elections as they were not represented. Some of the federations that were present included Athletics Kenya, Kenya Hockey Union, Kenya Boxing Association, Kenya Netball Federation and the Kenya Handball Federation.


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