Michezoafrika rated among the best websites in Kenya

Michezoafrika rated among the best websites in Kenya

Michezoafrika rated among the best websites in Kenya

Michezoafrika.com has been rated amongst the top best websites in Kenya. According to the Consumer Federation of Kenya, Michezoafrika.com is rated among the top 25 most visited indigenous websites in Kenya and among the top 100 overall websites rated at position 80 in Kenya: this including face book, gmail, google and the other international websites.

Started three years ago, Michezoafrika.com that is designed, maintained and frequently updated  by a group of young Kenyan sports enthusiasts  has grown to become the leading sports news outlet in Kenya. According to the findings, Michezoafrika.com is the best rated Sports news website in Kenya.

 In a publication released on April 4th, Consumer Federation of Kenya says , “Kenyans are increasingly racing to online news sources thus rendering print and broadcast news to virtually repeat what they are already know.”

The michezoafrika.com crew is currently working on re-launching a new look website that will bring the page visitors more features incorporating different views collected from professionals and others stakeholders in the media, IT, sports industry and including sports fans.

 According to Editor Dennis Machio, “The new michezoafrika.com site will give our fans and Kenyans sports news consumers more features. We appreciate the support from the market this far and we hope to become better with time.”

 Michezoafrika.com has also been nominated for this year's Bloggers Association of Kenya Awards.BAKE seeks to reward and recognise efforts by local online content developers and the winners of the BAKE awards will be announced early May in a special function in Nairobi.


  1. Standard.co.ke
  2. Nation.co.ke
  3. Capitalfm.co.ke
  4. Kenyan-post.com
  5. olx.co.ke
  6. ghafla.co.ke
  7. orange.co.ke
  8. iebc.or.ke
  9. the-star.co.ke
  10. safaricom.co.ke
  11. businessdaily.com
  12. kenyabuzz.com
  13. pigiame.co.ke
  14. kbo.co.ke
  15. kenyaplex.com
  16. kenyanlist.com
  17. citizentv.co.ke
  18. nationmedia.com
  19. rupu.co.ke
  20. ntv.co.ke
  21. wazua.co.ke
  22. kenyanjobs.blogspot.com
  23. michezoafrika.com
  24. propertyleo.com
  25. kenyancareer.com
  26. yellow.co.ke
  27. nairobiwire.com
  28. kenyamoja.com
  29. careerpointkenya.com
  30. and kenya-today.com
  31. kruss-ltd.com



  1. Facebook - facebook.com
  2. Google  - google.com
  3. Google - Google.co.ke
  4. YouTube - youtube.com
  5. Yahoo! -  yahoo.com
  6. The Standard - standardmedia.co.ke
  7. Daily Nation - nation.co.ke
  8. Twitter - twitter.com
  9. Wikipedia - wikipedia.org
  10. Blogspot.com - blogspot.com


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