Kenyan Athletes should invest their winnings

Kenyan Athletes should invest their winnings

Kenyan Athletes should invest their winnings

Dr. Wario

It has been a trend witnessed amongst Kenyan athletes where after winning major accolades they spend their winnings lavishly on alcohol and women and this has been one of the major root causes of their down fall.

In 1987 cross country runner Paul Kipkoech could not handle the pressure after winning Kenya’s first International gold medal and died in poverty eight years later. Long distance runner Richard Chelimo lapsed in to depression after several wins and lost his struggle with alcohol at the age of 34 in the early 90s.

The most recent case was Samuel Wanjiru who claimed gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the men's marathon, whose career unraveled after being involved in a number of sideshows whose main culprits were again women and alcohol. He died in 2011 at an early age of 24.

The alarming rate of athletes dying at a young age and poor (not investing their winnings) has caused major concerns to the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture.

Speaking at a cash award presentation to deaf athletes who took part in the 2012 Deaflympics a week ago, Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Art and Culture, Dr. Hassan Wario said that Kenyan Athletes should be guided on how to invest their winnings.

“I would urge the persons concerned to guide the Athletes in investing their money. Am posing a challenge to the Managing Director of National Bank of Kenya, Ahmed Munir to put up elements of Sports Banking to help our Athletes to bank and invest”. Dr. Wario said.



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