Kenya has to bring fans to the stadia first-Muchemi

Kenya has to bring fans to the stadia first-Muchemi

Kenya has to bring fans to the stadia first-Muchemi

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Newly appointed Chairman of the Sports Stadia Management Board (SSMB) Ben Muchemi’s top priority in his new job is to bring fans to the stadia and champion for renovations of sports facilities

 The veteran driver says he is going to work hard and speed up renovations and construction of new facilities in the country to attract foreign nations to come and play in Kenya.

This comes at a time when several sports federations have expressed interest to host big continental and international competitions, with Football Kenya Federation (FKF) eying to bid for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations while Athletics Kenya (AK) is thinking of going for the World Youth Championships, also in 2019.

“The Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) is considering luring International Rugby Union to slot one of its legs in the nine-tier World Seven Series in Kenya. That can only be possible if we prove to the world that we can host such big events that call for good facilities and fans to fill the stadia.” He said.

The rally driver battling with Cancer says big English premier league club will only come to Kenya to train or play matches only if they are guaranteed of financial returns and security to their players.

“Kenya has  the best athletes in various sports, why not use  such ambassadors to market the country .I am sure very many people will pay to come to Kenya and watch people like world champion David Rudisha running in Kenya. We can reach higher standards if we work harder.” He added.

 He further said that by developing sports facilities the youths will be the greatest beneficiaries as it will be an inspiration to them therefore bringing harmony and patriotism in the nation.


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