Footballer breaks neck trying a ‘Jurgen Klinsman’ celebration

Footballer breaks neck trying a ‘Jurgen Klinsman’ celebration

Footballer breaks neck trying a ‘Jurgen Klinsman’ celebration

Swales photo; The Mirror

Imagine yourself a great footballer, your team is being held to a draw when you just need a win to either clinch a championship or escape relegation. Then suddenly a huge rush of adrenaline sups through your body, you beat three or four defenders, at the edge of the box you unleash a super striker; bum!! Into the net.

Picture yourself doing that crazy celebration. Some would rip open their jerseys, others will skip the advertisement boards aon the touchline and climb on the terrace fences…. All manner of crazy things!

Well for one footballer in one of the English leagues, it was same script but different story. It was on a rainy day, his team being held to a draw. Sunday league captain Dennis Swales aged 27 decided to take matters into his own hands, taking on four defenders before unleashing a wonder strike into the top right bar.

However, it was the celebration that would turn tragic. The captain noticed a paddle of mud in the sidelines near his team’s bench. Adrenaline ran through him and he immediately remembered the famous Jurgen Klinsman celebration of sliding through the mad.

Klinsmann had a reputation for diving before he joined the Premier League and he could turn the table on opposing fans by performing an elaborate slide across the pitch after scoring when he played for Totenham Hotspurs in the mid-1990s.

Unfortunately for him, his head got stuck in the mad and the whole weight of his body pushed him forward with the head stuck. He lay motionless on the ground; he had broken two vertebrae bones and dislocated four discs which had to be replaced by plastic ones. it was feared he was paralyzed.

A six hour operation however saved him the use of a wheelchair for the rest of his life. However for him, he will never get to play football again, probably only in his backyard with his two kids aged four and 12. He says he is devastated since at just 27 years of age, his career has only but started and at that time was the league’s top scorer. He now needs two years of physio to help him walk well again.

Well for our footballers, take good care of your adrenaline rush lest this happens, or worse try a Robin van Persie slide at the Muhoroni Youth pitch.

Well, this is a crazy world!

Source; The Mirror

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