Cabinet Secretary Dr.Wario ready to work

Cabinet Secretary Dr.Wario ready to work

Cabinet Secretary Dr.Wario ready to work

Dr. Wario

The first Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Art and Culture, Dr. Hassan Wario on Tuesday afternoon held a familiarization meeting where he was introduced to top officials in his docket at the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture.

Dr.Wario emphasized that he is not a foreigner in the docket and that his main aim is to drive the youth to take part in sports that will change their lives.

“My agenda is transparency and to deliver to Kenyans what was promised to them. I would like to urge the youth to take part in sports, art and cultural festivals which aims at improving their lives and boost the country’s economy through arts and cultural practices” he said.

“Am ready to work with the team delegated to me to improve the ministry” he added.

The Sports, Arts and Culture docket faces various challenges such as sports funding, run down social halls, bad planning, poor conditions of most sporting facilities just to mention a few.

However, Dr. Wario plans to revive and implement new strategies that will help deal with the challenges that his docket is facing such as creating talent centers, introducing cultural festivals that involves all the communities and recognizing some of the Kenyan heroes not only in politics but also in sports by building monuments in their honor.



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