Blatter blasts Brazil protestors

Blatter blasts Brazil protestors

Blatter blasts Brazil protestors

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FIFA president Sepp Blatter assumed the social protests experienced in Brazil and reaffirmed his confidence in Brazil holding the 2014 World Cup. Sepp assured the world that he is looking forward to going back to Brazil during the draws to check on the progress of the upcoming tournament.

The protesters have generally been frustrated by the Brazilian government's commitment to building new football stadiums instead of improving the lives of the country's population by investing in health, education and social infrastructure.

The president saluted a successful Confederations Cup, despite the event being marred by protests, expressing confidence  that Brazil will deliver an outstanding World Cup next year.

The country also had to deal with the worst social unrest in more than 20 years as more than 1.5 million people took to the streets to protest a reported 15 billion dollar bill for staging the Confederations tournament and the World Cup in 12 months time.

There are also fears that the country, having welcomed just eight teams to six venues over the past three weeks, still faces a major challenge in readying itself for a World Cup of 32 teams in 12 cities across the nation.


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