Zarika’s Bantam weight belt goes missing

Zarika’s Bantam weight belt goes missing

Zarika’s Bantam weight belt goes missing

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Tuesday morning is not an ordinary day for Bantam Weight East and Central Africa champion Fatuma Zarika. Instead of being at vision plaza gymnasium situated along Mombasa road, the boxer is expected at the central Police station to follow up on a series of never ending dramas in her life lately.

Her promoter Geoffrey Kabugu is said to have “misplaced” Zarika’s Bantam weight belt, something the boxer fears the said promoter might have sold it. It is on that line that she filed a case on Monday against Kabugu at the Central Police station.

Over the weekend the boxer had to deal with absolute disappointment after the much awaited Bantam Weight fight against Uganda’s Hawa Duka did not materialize after the same promoter eloped with the funds for the fight leading to the cancellation of the same.Kabugu was arrested by police on Saturday and had to spend the night at the Central station for fraud.

A dejected Zarika told that this has been just a dice in the sinking boat which is the Kenya Boxing Federation that has failed to protect the rights and well being of the boxers and replaced it with the art of embezzling funds for selfish gains.

“We are living in a time when promoters and federation officials are exploiting the boxers for their own selfish interests. I have never seen election being held in the federation. I wish we could be choosing people to represent us and fight for our rights. The fact that we are not supposed to air our grievances openly makes our state more miserable. “added the boxer.

 “Words cannot explain the sense of betrayal I feel after my fight was called off. When at your prime, you want everything to go as planned. Unluckily for me it is more of being a victim of ill motive Kenyans , people who have different agendas. When asked for clarification, we are being swindled and tossed from promoter to the federation officials. We can’t work that way. I could have expected the Kenya Professional Boxing Commission Chairman Uthman George and his team to show their commitment in assisting us. Unfortunately that is not the case, he seems quite aware of what is happening.” She adds.

She says had boxers been allowed to have a say in the running of the federation, then there could be order and more sanity. She adds that boxers have been left to languish in poverty with promoters smiling their way to the bank.

“At the end of the day, we have families who look up to us and other obligations which await us. In my 10 years career in the industry, it’s like I have nothing to show for or even boast about. We cannot compare our life in Kenya with those of our colleagues in different countries.”  Adds the 27 year old mother of two kids.


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