Shimba Hills shame Mennonites

Shimba Hills shame Mennonites

Shimba Hills shame Mennonites

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The Kenya Basketball Federation League continued on Saturday with all matches observing a minute of silence in honour of the departed KBF referees Seif Luali and Vincent Kimuyu who perished in a tragic road accident this week.

The two were among nine passengers who died when the matatu they were traveling in collided with a canter at Makuyu black spot on their way to Muranga Teachers College for the national college games.

The highlight and one of the toughest matches of the day on Saturday involved Trail Blazers and Strathmore with only two points separating the winner and loser.

Strathmore were victorious with a 49-47 triumph in a match Shem Otieno of trail blazers had 18 points.

Angela Luchivya’s 15 points inspired Sprite Storms who sank Strathmore 42-34 while Shimba Hills had no mercy over Mennonites ripping them apart with a 53-14 scoreline.


STRATHMORE  24/49       VS        TRAILBLAZERS  13/47

08/16/14/11                                      03/10/13/20

11 pts  Luid Kakemo                           18 pts  Shem Otieno

KCA-U  18/56                   VS          WORLDHOPE  16/44

08/18/18/20                                       05/16/13/15

13 pts Gerald Mwangi                        08 pts  James Otundo

STRATHMORE  24/34        VS          SPRITE STORMS  11/42

13/11/07/03                                      04/07/15/16

10 pts  Grace Wanjiru                         15 pts  Angela Luchivya

                                                            11 pts  Susanne Akinyi

MENNONITeS  10/14           VS       NYTA SHIMBA  28/53

04/06/03/01                                     09/19/17/08

06 pts  Abigael Ogechi                      16 pts  Peter Taundenchia

                                                           12 pts  Felman Adhiambo

STRATHMORE  31/52         VS      TERROR  18/61

18/13/11/10                                      04/14/19/24

11 pts Cliffeton Odhiambo               12 pts  Enock Ogeche

                                                           18 pts  Hillary Kubai

MENNONITES  29/83          VS         NRB AVIATION  41/77

14/15/21/23                                          18/23/14/18

21 pts  Steve Mc:odongo                    21 pts  Franklyne Delano

17 pts  Koshen Dee                                                          18 pts  Ben Oluoch


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