Resilient USIU push Ulinzi to match Five

Resilient USIU push Ulinzi to match Five

Resilient USIU push Ulinzi to match Five

The USIU Tigers on Sunday came in hot with a powerful performance dominating all quarters to beat Ulinzi Warriors, pushing the semifinals match of the best of five to the 5th round. Coming to the match with a 2-1 trail against the Warriors, the Tigers left nothing to chance pushing the soldiers to the wall in all quarters.

The Warriors were blowing hot and cold with Ancet Wafula’s return after missing out on Game 2 and 3 giving them the needed push. But Wafula was to be sidelined in the second half after picking a knock.

Alvin Nyangweso was the tormentor in chief destroying the Ulinzi Defense line to earn himself 19 points at the end of the four quarters. Nyangweso’s team mate Kevin Kigotho was the second top scorer earning his team 18 points .

  Though he was out for the better part of the second half , Ancet Wafula was the highest scorer for the Warriors picking 11 points , one ahead of Victor Bosire who had eleven points .

The two teams will meet again on Monday afternoon for the decider match at the same Nyayo stadium gymnasium with the winner booking a place to the finals.



NYAYO-  1.  DANKID  26/61   VS   ZETECH  22/56


                      11/15/09/26                07/15/15/19


                 20 pts Athiey lwal             17 pts Joshua Okumu


               2.  UMOJA  26/53   VS   KCA-U  26/52


                    12/14/20/07               16/10/05/21


                14 pts Gilbert Obiero       17 pts Alphonce Muchiri


                09 pts Kevin Sunguti       11 pts Brian Ondari


               3.  USIU TIGERS  34/71  VS  ULINZI  22/51


                    22/12/20/17                     11/11/12/17


                19 pts Alvin Nyangweso      11 pts Ancette Wafula


                18 pts Kevin Kigotho            10 pts Victor Bosire


MOMBASA- 1.  ULINZI  17/41    VS   K.P.A.   32/68


                           08/09/12/12              14/18/22/14


                         24 pts Bridgit Nanzala    16 pts Yvonne Akinyi


                         07 pts Esther Butali       14 pts Carolyne Mureji

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