Nairobi Basketball Association League kicks off this weekend

Nairobi Basketball Association League kicks off this weekend

Nairobi Basketball Association League kicks off this weekend

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The Nairobi Basketball Association League will kick off this Saturday at the Railways Club in Nairobi. The 2012 season saw Equity Basketball team emerge champions after beating Strathmore University in the best of 3 play offs. The team went ahead to gain promotion to the Division One league after winning the KBF Interprovincial League.

Below are the full weekend Fixtures:

 Saturday April 13th


STRATHMORE UNI. vs. KENYA POLY UNI.         LADIES A             9.00AM

OUR LADY QP        vs.       LYCANS                 MEN A                 10.30AM

FOOTPRINTS         vs.        ULINZI BLADES    LADIES B            12.00PM

BBK EAGLETS        vs.        GLADIATORS        LADIES A             12.00PM

KENYA POLY UNI    vs.        CFC STANBIC       MEN B                 1.30PM

MKU NRB                vs.       N/MORANS           MEN B                 1.30PM

MKU THIKA             vs.       DAYSTAR UNI.     MEN A                 3.00PM


Sunday April 14th

STRATHMORE UNI.     vs.       ZETECH COLLEGE    LADIES             9.00AM

W/KNIGHTS                vs.       CFC STANBIC            MEN B              10.30AM

LEGACY                      vs.        LYCANS                    MEN A              10.30AM

KENYA POLY UNI         vs.        MKU NRB                  MEN B              12.00PM

KENYA POLY UNI         vs.        MKU THIKA              LADIESA           12.00PM

DAYSTAR UNI.             vs.       DANKIND ACADEMY  MEN A              1.30PM

BBK EAGLES                vs.        MKU THIKA                 MEN A             1.30PM

DON BOSCO                vs.       OLD PIRATES               MEN B              3.00PM

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