Masaku Sparkle as Blades Raze Lions

Masaku Sparkle as Blades Raze Lions

Masaku Sparkle as Blades Raze Lions

Photo courtesy of 254 Basketball

Former Kenyan captain Silalei Shani was back on the grind at the Nyayo Gymnasium playing for Masaku Sparks who humbled Mennonites 58-22 in the KBF league on Saturday.

Silalei picked 10 points for her team but it was the stardom of Betty Kananu that pulled the big result for Masaku with 23 points.

In another match, Grace Wanjiku also scored 23 points for Cooperative Bank as they defeated former champions Eagle Wings 66-45.

In a men’s Premier league match, Strathmore Blades razed Lions with a 70-45 win, Peter Shilton being the highest scorer of the match with 23 points.


PARKLANDS 19/46    VS   MKU THIKA  29/62

11/08/08/14                         19/10/09/24

18 pts Elvis Mwala               24 pts Gaston Cimidi

19 pts Ngutsa                        18 pts Manuel Lubutse


06/00/11/05                             14/12/12/20

06 pts Racheal Kibwana           23 pts Betty Kananu

06 pts Maryanne Wanjiru       10 pts Silalei Shani

EAGLEWINGS 17/45      VS       COOPBANK   28/66

07/10/19/09                                 19/09/17/21

13 pts Eunice Ouma                  23 pts Grace Wanjiku

12 pts Everlyne Kedogo            11 pts Mercy Etyang

COOPBANK  31/84      VS      NRB AVIATION   12/34

18/13/28/25                            10/02/17/05

12 pts Brian Busu                    08 pts Ben Oluoch

10 pts Mark Mayen

BLADES   32/70        VS         LIONS   13/45

20/12/17/21                            08/05/13/19

23 pts Peter Shilton                16 pts Dennis Opiyo

12 pts Joseph Ongoro

Photo courtesy of 254Basketball 



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